Constructivist Approach In Teacher Education
The aim of this study is to determine the fourth grade pre-service teacher’ views about the constructivist educational approach. Constructivists educational approach is a process in which teachers become as a guide in the teaching process, as well as the students expressed themselves by doing the tasks. Constructivist concept of education is to keep at the fore front of thinking and understanding. In order to gather the research data, semi-structured interviews were conducted with pre-service teachers. The data obtained from the pre-service teachers were analyzed by categorical content analyses. According to the findings, pre-service teachers cannot fully grasp the concept of constructivist education, and they confuse it with behavioural education. Pre-service teachers have a problem in constructivist educational practice. According to pre-service teachers’ observation, it was seen that school experience and teaching practice course were confused by pre-service teachers concerning school teachers' understanding of constructivist education in higher education. In order for understating the constructivist educational approach completely, more practices are required in teacher education.

Teacher education, Turkish education, constructivist, pre-service teacher.