Characters Of The National Struggle And Their Reflection On Literary Works In Terms Being Role Models For Children: Sample Of “Kurtuluşun Kahramanları” Book Series
Starting from childhood period, looking up to role models is an inevitable need for human development. Mostly, taking someone as a role model emerges in childhood period in which personality is not formed completely. When it is considered that children identify with people that they take as models, it is understood that taking as a role model has a significant effect on personality formation and development. It is possible to benefit from literary works and characters of these literary works in introducing children to correct models by using the features that they possess. In this research, which personality characteristics the local characters of the National Struggle reflect as role models to children who are not closely acquainted with them but know them by name were determined with reference to “Kurtuluşun Kahramanları” book series. In this context, 10 books included in the book series were examined using document analysis, the characters were presented with their personality characters and their contribution to the personality development of children was tried to be established. Based on the findings of the research, it has been concluded that local characters of the National Struggle can be role models in causing children to gain personality characteristics such as patriotism, freedom, resolution and determination, unity, solidarity and cooperation, faith, hope, courage, trust-trustworthiness, responsibility, patience and leadership.

Being a role model, National Struggle, local characters, literary works.