An Evaluation On Robert College Of Istanbul
American missionaries attempted to establish schools in the territories of the Ottoman Empire in order to protect their influence areas and increase their activities within the Ottoman Empire which started to weaken in the 19th century. Of the foreign schools opened, the most common one was the American schools, and these schools gradually increased their areas of activity. Robert College, which was opened under the chairmanship of American missionary Cyrus Hamlin in 1863, has a special place among the American schools. The school has gradually increased its popularity since its foundation and become a long-standing institution. In the last period of the Ottoman Empire, the Robert College with the education it provided had a great effect in the Balkans and Anatolia. In this article opening, development, educational activities of the Robert College and effects of the college on the Ottoman Empire and activities of it within the empire are attempted to be described briefly.

Robert College, America, istanbul, Education