Evaluation of the Book of Tehzîb-i Ahlâk ve Islâh-ı Nefs
In this study, the book of Tehzîb-i Ahlâk ve Islâh-ı Nefs, published in 1325 (1909/1910), was investigated from various aspects, by transcribing into current alphabet. Tehzîb-i Ahlâk ve Islâh-ı Nefs was the second volume of Talîm-i Kırâat. The book was written by Kitapçı Arakel Efendi and revised by Muallim Naci. Study was carried out by document analysis of the qualitative research techniques. In the study, it was found that the second book had 43 texts, including 25 informative, 12 narrative and 6 poetry. In this volume, there were 36 texts under the headings of "Terbiyye-i Medeniyye Dersi, Fennî Ders, Ahlâkî Ders, Fennî ve Ahlâkî Ders". By adding 7 free texts, total number of texts reached 43. It was determined that the texts were an average of 476 words length, consisted of an average of 7 unknown words and 9 under-text questions. In the book there were mostly advisory (f=16) and scientific (f=15) texts. It was found that, unlike the first volume, the second volume was arranged as categories of lessons instead of reading texts; also dealt with the political issues; started some texts with aphorisms and various “vav” markers was used in it. On the other hand, in this study, it was concluded that the second volume was superior to the first volume, in terms of number of pages, number of texts, average number of words, average number of unknown words and average number of under-text questions.

Talîm-i Kırâat, Tehzîb-i Ahlâk ve Islâh-ı Nefs, Reading Books, Reading Instruction, Turkish Language