Related Words With Agriculture on The Anatolian Dialects
In recent years, A number of scientific studies on the Turkish dialects has also been compiled to identify the vocabulary in the form of Anatolian dialects. Determined words are published in journal of Turkish Language or any other amateur journals. However, researchers are acting according to its own procedures since specific methods have not been revealed presented in this regard. Although dialect researchs had been made in many regions of Anatolia, the compilation of studies on vocabulary is not enough. Besides, there are very few studies on the compilation of pattern expression. The contribution of the words collected from dialects to the Turkish lexicography is very important. Besides, it has a great importance on account of uncovering unknown about classification of dialects, status influenced by other languages, settlement, History and culture of stature who settled in Anatolia etc. This study includes words related to agriculture in The Collection Glossary which as highly efficient product of collection campaign that had been started in 1932. there is classifications and assessments on some more wheat farming.

Turkish dialects, agriculture, The Collection Glossary