Agenda Setting Power of National Speeches within the Scope to Relation of Media-Policy Agenda in Turkey
Agenda setting studies have animated with the effect researches in United States of America (USA) where have started of the first evoluation of mass communication researches. Agenda setting studies started with the question how media effect effected to election campaigns related to presidential elections of the electors at the end of 1960's in USA. Each three agendas emerging as media agenda, public agenda and political agenda have different dynamics in their own right. In additon to these dynamics, the three agendas are effected from a number of common factors at some points that they interact with each other. One of the most important factors is political leader of country. While this leader is the president for USA, the leader is the prime minister or the president for the countries like Turkey which have different governance systems. This study investigated how national speech of the prime minister as an important political actor in Turkey has effected to media agenda and how content of the national speeches has been effected by media agenda Result of the study has revealed that national speech of the prime minister are more closed to media effect. However, media agenda are effected partially by agenda of the prime minister at more sophisticated area as foreign policy.

Agenda Setting, Media Agenda, Political Agenda, National Speech