The Pomaks in the Single-Party Era (1923-1946)
The Pomaks are a Muslim religious community, speaking a dialect of Bulgarian. Various arguments exist on the ethnic origins of the Pomaks and the origin of the term Pomak. The main component of the Pomak identity was Islam and consequently, the Pomaks identified themselves with Turkish identity. Pomaks, worked with pressure and persecution by the Christianization Bulgarians were forced to immigrate to Turkey en masse. Republic management, followed by a parallel policy establishment close to the process line of the Islamic Ottoman Empire was followed by the Pomaks. To begin a process of institutionalization of the republic was taken to the forefront of national identity politics Pomaks, identity politics have turned to a more flexible opposition movement continued on the ground. In this study, our goal is decomposed in the political approach followed by the Pomaks of the Ottoman Empire of the Republican regime spots and Turkish policy of assimilation how the Pomaks the eyes of the nation-state component of the framework and to what extent that was the response.

Bulgarian, Republic, Pomaks, Single Party