The Mongol Population in Anatolia and Their Effects on Turkey Heritage
In this study, it is going to be focused on the effects of Mongol invasion one of the most important events of The World History on Anatolia. It is firstly going to be focused on Mongol tribes migration to Anatolia and their population in that region. The invasion of Mongols doesn’t have only a military charecter. It is also a population movement of people coming together with their wives, children and herds to setle in Anatolia permanantly. It can be negotiated to what extent The Mongols who dominated a big part of the Old World added their blood into the blood of people living in that geography. However, their contribution to the formation of the Old World demographic composition can not be denied. There are some mechanisms that can lead us to guess The Mongol population in Anatolia.

Anatolia, Mongol, Ilkhanate, Kayseri, Seljuqs.