The Natural Disasters, Celestial Events and Strange Events in Baghdad During the Period of Buwayhıds (H.333-447/M.945-1055)
Coming from Daylam Region of Iran, Shiite Buwayhids conquered Baghdad that was the capital city of Sunni Abbasid Caliphate, in 945 and they continued their dominance in that place until the arrival of Saljuk ruler lord Tughrul in 1055. Many types of natural disasters occurred during almost a century of Buwayhids’ dominance in Baghdad. Earthquakes, freezes occurred as a result of meteorological reasons, severe storms, rarely witnessed snowfall after occurring of which, it adversely affects the vegetation and the irrigation system, the hail whose size was exaggeratedly depicted, rain lasted for days on, sudden floods probably caused by sudden snow melt in the region constitutes the source of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, rainfall deficiency, internal strife and frost events that caused such as famine and drought events, are the important natural disasters that Baghdad faced during Buwayhids era. Besides these, religious and political conflicts and also the fires arising from the policing issues as a type of human disasters have significantly affected Buwayhids era’s Baghdad. In our survey, besides the disaster recorded held by historians, the decline of meteors as the so-called falling star, the stars observed long time in the sky/comets and some strange events that were spread among the people and been saved because of been interesting, have also been examined.

Buwayhids, Baghdad, Natural Disasters, Frost, Snowfall, Flood, Fire, Meteor, Stars