The Economic Collapse Of The Ottoman Empire From The Eyes Of IIth Constitutional Era Cartoonists
In this study cartoons that reflect Ottoman economy during the Second Constitutional Era have been studied. This is, in a way, an easy task since comic press of the period was consisted mainly from magazines. Because cartoonist who published magazines, unlike journalists, were not have to make instant evaluations of daily events. As the events were being clarified in the course of time, it was possible to evaluate them with its relations to reasons and results in monthly and weekly magazines. Besides, as it can be seen it the case of the Kalem magazine, these were supported with proses and poems by humourists who keep in touch with the European press. Because there were more space to write in magazines. Perpetual and message conveying works instead of squeezed, daily and destined to forgotten cartoons were coming to existence in this way. Aim of this study is to shed light, from a different point, to the evaluation of Ottoman economy during the Second Constitutional Period retroperspectively based on the Kalem, the Cem, and the Karagöz magazines.

Ottoman, 2nd Constitutional Era, Caricature, Humor, Economy, Politics