A Study on Archaic Words in Kanunnâme-i Âl-i Osman
Although several studies have been conducted on Ottoman official documents by different reserchers until now, currently it is difficult to say that these studies are enough. These documents that assessed by mainly historians in terms of their historical sources have not been studied enough in terms of their language features. There have been several studies that reveal different aspects of the official documents of different researchers with regard to the language of the Ottoman official documents. We have also studied archaic words which are used in Kanunnâme-i Âl-i Osman that prepared by Sultan Mehmed. We started our by scanning the Kanunnâme-i Âl-i Osman text which published by Ahmet Akgündüz and identifying the words that we consider to be archaic. Then, we put the mentioned words in an alphabetical order. Then, we identified forms and meanings of these words by starting from Orkhon Turkish texts and we also tried to explain the words by examining their usages in terms of their forms and meanings in whole periods of Turkish Language.

Kanunname, archaic words, Fatih Sultan Mehmed, official documets of Ottoman, Historical Turkish Dial