Kirikhan, After The First World War Until The Annexation To Fatherland
Kirikhan is a town of hatay which is located the northeast of Hatay. During the World War I France dominanced Kirikhan by the treaty of Sykes-Picot which was made between England and France. After the World War I. France occupied Kirikhan. The greatest supporters of France were Armenians at that time. People in Kirikhan people have struggled against the invaders . With The treaty of Ankara 1921 with Hatay, Kirikhan was left to Syria under the French mandate and the Turkish population was treated as a minority group eventhough they formed the majority, and were tortured by the Armenians or by the French. After the reunion of Hatay with the motherland in 1939 In this study after the World War I. the history of Kirikhan town was presented generally.

Kirikhan, Hatay Question, the Turkish National Struggle for Independence.