Kayaağıl Thermal Spring as Thermal Tourism Centre (UŞAK)
Tourism is one of the important sectors inthe economic development of countries. Especially tourism draws attention as an important economic activity in the fulfilment of economic instability between regions. Tourism activities can be maintained in the rural and urban areas within the bounds of natural and human attractions possibilities. In the scope of research, the development of thermal tourism of Kayaağıl village that a rural settlement is studied in the bounds of Uşak province located in innerwest of Aegean Region. In the study the releationship with the human and natural environment characteristics of tourism maintaining in the Kayaağıl village is handled. In the course of research, observations made in the field also managers and workers of Kayaağıl thermal facility established in 2013 interviewed by means of semi-structured interview forms. Effects of tourism increase day by day in the research are that has a rural economy. When looking the number of visitors and in house guests it is seen that the facility have become important one like the ones near territory.

Tourism Geography, Uşak, Kayaağıl Thermal spring, Thermal Tourism, Health and wellness Tourism, Ther