The Salih Pasha Government, Media’s and Political Environments’ Approaches to the Government
The first step of the peace treaty was taken within the Truce of Mondros in 30th of October 1918, between the Ottoman State which was one of the losers of I. World War and the Allied Powers who were the winners of the war. This Truce included very heavy provisions against Ottoman State, it wasn’t accepted by the Turkish people and a movement of national struggle was begun under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal in Anatolia. This movement gained power over time and got free form the government placed in the Istanbul which was under pressure of Allied powers. This situation was not expected by the Allied powers. Therefore, the governments which came to power in Istanbul, was exposed to dense pressure by Allied Powers. So, one of these governments is the government of Salih Pasha which stayed on power shortest. In this article, first the process of Salih Pasha’s assignment to the Grand visiership, then the establishment of cabinet, the domestic and foreign difficulties which the government was faced and how these situations were reflected in the Media and Political environment in Anatolia and Istanbul will be examined.

Istanbul Government, Anatolia, National Struggle, National Forces, Salih Pasha.