II. Mahmud’un Rus Askeri Birliklerini 1833 Yılında İstanbul’a Çağırma Amacına Yeni Bir Bakış
Sometimes the accepted version of some historic events needs a new perspective. One such event is Sultan Mahmud II’s summoning of Russian troops to Istanbul, capital city of the Ottoman Empire, in 1833. So far, this matter has only been related through the European archives, which has bred some historical prejudices. The most obvious way to overcome this is by consulting the Ottoman records. These documents Mahmud’s instructions to his diplomats and their reports, and illustrate very well the Ottoman diplomatic effort during the Mehmet Ali Problem. This article aims to examine in detail what Mahmud II really intended by inviting the Russians to the Ottoman lands.

Mahmud II, Ottoman Diplomacy, Mehmet Ali Problem, Anglo-Ottoman Relations, Ottoman Diplomats