Migrations in Çifteler from Past to Present
An important part of the settlements in the district of Çifteler XIX and XX. Century migrations from abroad have been established. The main reason for migration to the external field, the loss of its earlier strength of the Ottoman Empire weakened. Seizing this opportunity, especially in the Tsarist Era Russia, the Balkan States, and the Ottoman Empire invaded the Turkish territories by attacking hundreds of years, the Turks, who lived there then forced to leave them in their oppression and atrocities they held. Thus, the Turks, who had to abandon their homeland, immigrated to various parts of Anatolia, a part of them settled in Çifteler. Crimea, Tatarstan, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Azerbaijan and the Caucasus regions of the field of migration coming from, they made their places in the district is a kind of cultural background consisted of Turkish communities in the cultural mosaic. Because of the economic reasons migrate is going on in the district in the recent past, and today. Indeed, for the reason of unemployment and lack of livelihood, migration is through the fallow land and the places with limited water resources. And the direction of migration is through the city center (Eskişehir) more. However the large amount of abroad migrations has been from the region. The United States, especially Western European countries has been migrated largely since 1965.

Çifteler, Geography, Population, External and Internal Migrations