Trabzon City’s Deputy Ali Sukru Beg’s Position And Intellectual Status İn Turkish Press
Ali Şükrü Beg (1884-1923), is one of the important figures of his era. He was a naval officer nowadays he had an active political carrier. He took part in politics in Union and Progress (UP) and representing Trabzon city he was a member to the last Ottoman Parliament. He also participated Turkish Grand National Assembly in Ankara again representing Trabzon. He took part in National Struggle and later in Ankara killed by an unidentified murder. Despite focus on his opponent identity and way of assassination, actually Ali Sükrü Beg’s rich and active press works also are attractive. He published journals and newspapers which he was license holder and also was a column writer in different publications. The newspapers which he owed license “Gündoğuşu [Sun Rise]” journal and the paper “Tan [Breakdown]” are attractive. The publications contain articles regarding history, education, civilization and politics. In addition he published several articles in Navy Journal. Also he wrote in the newspapers such as; “Idman [Training]”, “İstikbal [Future]”, “Sebilü’r-Reşad”. Admittedly he also translated some significant English articles into Turkish. In short Ali Şükrü Beg’s actual characteristic was his authorship and intellectuality. Considering their subjects, it is possible to seperate Ali Şükrü Beg’s writings into two. The first group focus on facts such as period’s politic, economic, cultural, social, child education. Those works include extensive comments and analysis unearthing social inefficiencies. The second group are mostly related to Ottoman, Turkish and world history. His articles on history proves his strong background on history. As it is seen, Ali Şükrü Beg during his life wrote on history, state, society and other concepts. He was a successful author and thinker of his era.

Ali Şükrü Beg, Tan, Gündoğuşu, Donanma, National Struggle, TGNA, Trabzon