Based on the Paintings of Van Gogh and Settar Behlulzin an Example of Art Interaction
The Art of making paintings has formed itself as a result of studies, which begun far before kwon history and came until present time, and has maintained his presence in tribes, zones, and national and international level. The genres, which came out of different working styles, and artists coming together and forming movements of art, resulting in developments, preversing themselves until today. The artists perceive living and inanimate objects in the universe by passing them through the brain filter and internalizing them, At the same time, they have uniquely shaped the natüre, they have experienced differently in the visuals they have interpreted, according to the techniques they use in the light of their plastic styles. These changes which are emerging as the result of interaction and which reveal innovations in terms of opinion, feelings and understanding in the art are characterized as "art movements". There have been many influences emerging from the paintings of Van Gogh, who was involved in the Post Impressionism movement that emerged as a reaction to the Impressionism. In this study, the selection of Van Gogh and Settar Behlülzadeh, which have similar artistic styles with the influence of the Post Impressionism movement, and the comparative study of their works were seen as important in order to emphasize the interaction in art and the communication power that it gives birth to. When the works of artists such as Settar Behlulzade, born in Azerbaijan half a century after Van Gogh were examined, it is possible to talk about the existence of the interaction due to the similarities of art styles.

Painting Art, Interaction, Post-Impressionism, Van Gogh, Sattar Behlülzade.