Geographical Properties of Karacasu Güzlesi (Bolu) and the Functional Change from Its Establishment until Today

Author : Oğuz Kantürer
Number of pages : 1074-1091


The subject of the present study is Karacasu ‘Güzlesi’, one of the temporary rural settlements established on the relatively higher areas to the south of Bolu plain. The aim of the study is to draw attention to the functional change of ‘güzle’ -which are temporary rural settlements situated between temporary rural settlement plateaus and permanent rural settlement villages in a couple of certain areas in our country where local people commonly lodge for shorter periods of time in the early spring and for extended periods especially in the autumn; hence its name ‘güzle’ which means ‘to lodge at a place throughout autumn’. In this context, this paper aims to examine and reveal the physical and human geography conditions that provide the geographical properties of particularly Karacasu Güzlesi and therefore its functional properties, and the gradually emerged functional change depending on the alteration in human activities. The Güzle have considerably lost their specific function of serving as a place for the local population who are engaged in farming and ranching to lodge prior to moving to the plateaus early in the spring for shorter periods of time, and after leaving the plateau for the village in the autumn for extended periods. In particular, Karacasu Güzlesi has almost acquired the quality of a recreational resort during summer as the village which it is connected to has acquired a higher local administrative status and has become a town, and the rural economic activities have gradually diversified in the region. It seems quite possible that in the near future the area which has recently disclosed great potential for plateau tourism and recreational activities will become a remote district of Karacasu Town.


Güzle, Plateau Tourism, Karacasu Güzlesi, Bolu


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