According to the Archive Documents, Migrations from Crimea and Caucasus to Istanbul (1858-1864)

Author : Nevzat SAĞLAM
Number of pages : 1525-1555


Crimea and the Caucasus have been the area of struggle between the Ottoman state and Russia throughout the history. The Ottoman Empire lost its rule in Crimea in 1783, and in the Caucasus after the 1828-1829 Ottoman Russian war. Russia was planning the Crimean territory to dominate the North of the Black Sea; to expand to India, he wanted to purify the Caucasus from the Turkish and Muslim masses and to Russianize the region. Therefore, the defeats of the Ottoman Empire against Russia meant that the people of the region were exposed to more pressure. As a matter of fact, the religious, political, social and economic pressures that Russia exerted after the Crimean War caused the immigration movements to reach massive dimensions. In this study, Crimean and Caucasian immigrants who came to Istanbul during the migrations between 1858-1864 from the years following the Crimean War to the Exile of Circassian were discussed. In this context, it is aimed to reveal the experiences and the problems encountered in the process from the immigrants' footing to Istanbul to their dispatch to permanent settlements. Information about the state's behavior towards immigrants, the places they live in Istanbul and the regions where they are settled in Anatoli. In the study, published works, especially the population books and archive documents, in which migrants were registered, were used. Based on the information in the notebooks, information about the family structures and the average age of the immigrants is also included.


Migration, Ottoman, Crimea, Caucasus, Uskudar, İstanbul.


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