The Scale of The Determining The Fun in Life Science Course: A Study of Validation and Reliability

Author : Ufuk ULUÇINAR -Cüneyit AKAR, Aslı GÜNDOĞAN
Number of pages : 2564-2581


The purpose of this study is to develop a valid and reliable scale for measuring the level of fun of primary school students in life science course. The research was designed with cross-sectional survey model. The population of the study consists of primary school students studying in Uşak. The sample consisted of 255 second and third grade students studying in three primary schools of different socio-economic levels in the central district of Uşak. In the scale development process, the steps of scanning the literature, establishing the item pool, ensuring the validity of the appearance, performing the pilot implementation, performing the exploratory and confirmatory factor analyzes to ensure the construct validity were followed. As a result of the analyzes, a valid and reliable structure consisting of 10 items was obtained in two dimensions. The first dimension was named as the level of fun related to the content of the course” and the second dimension was” the level of fun related to teaching the course. Items of the scale constructed in Triple Likert type, always (1), sometimes (2), never (3) is rated as. The lowest score that can be obtained from the scale is 10 and the highest score is 30. The results indicate that the Scale of Determining the Level of Fun in Life Science Course is a valid and reliable measurement tool in measuring the fun level of the second and third grade students in primary school.


Life science course, Level of fun, primary school students, scale development.

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