Hair Culture in Pre-Islamic Turks

Author : Mehibe ŞAHBAZ
Number of pages : 1490-1507


Everything material and spiritual produced by human beings is culture. In a way, culture, society; society also shapes culture. In other words, every individual who grows up in the society learns the culture and is shaped by the influence of that culture and while maturing, it adds something from itself and transfers it to the next generations by shaping its culture. In addition to its social and historical characteristics, culture has a variable structure that can be clearly observed in the course of history. In this context, Turkish culture has a living and dynamic structure that has been living for centuries with its language, traditions, art, religion and thought. In our study, hair culture, which expresses the culture in pre-Islamic Turkish states and which is the main element of beauty, was emphasized. First of all, by evaluating the hair in a historical process in Turkish culture, the symbolic meanings of the hair in Ancient Turks, the reflections of the hair to the braid and culture as a length, color, and decoration element were discussed. In addition, while focusing on the place and importance of hair in mythology and fairy tales, beliefs, metaphors, spells, dreams are tried to be addressed.


Old Turks, Hair, Tradition, Mythology, Culture.

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