A Historical Work on Ottoman Turkish in Iran: Risale-yi Tekellüm

Author : Umut BAŞAR
Number of pages : 3478-3499


In the work of Risale-yi Tekellüm, which was addressed in this study, it was understood that the sentences used in common cases like home, work, shopping, etc. are given in Turkish – Persian versions to enable someone who don’t speak any Turkish to meet their daily requirements especially when they travel to Turkey. It is seen that some Turkish adjectives and Turkish numbers are added to the end of the work. In this aspect, it is possible to point out that the work is compatible with the grammar – translation method, one of the foreign language teaching methods. Within this framework, the aim of the study is to examine the manuscript Risale-yi Tekellüm, which was written in 1879 for Persian people who do not speak Turkish, in terms of foreign language teaching principles and methods. In the study, document analysis has been implemented as a quantitative method. The text was broadly examined in the light of foreign language teaching principles and methods. In addition, the way that the author had pursued while teaching Turkish as a foreign language was discovered. It was determined that the author implemented the grammar translation method while teaching Turkish, applying the question-answer technique effectively, and took into account the cultural dimension of the target language.


Iran, Teaching Turkish, Turkish language history, Turkish as a foreing language, Kachars

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