Regarding the Capitulation Law: The Estate Issue of Doctor Davud Selim

Author : Muhammed CEYHAN -İsmet SARIBAL
Number of pages : 1508-1524


The Ottoman Empire granted capitulation to some states in the period when it was at the peak of its power. Capitulations, which were initially given to a limited number of states unilaterally and temporarily, were given to a large number of states with the weakening of the state and the increase in economic losses. Therefore, Ottoman lands turned into a profitable market for the Western states, especially after the Industrial Revolution. Western states opened consulates throughout the country and employed non-Muslim Ottoman citizens in these consulates, whom they would later render as their own citizens. This situation brought along many problems. One of them was the application of foreigners and non-Muslims who entered their service to the consular courts. Western states used capitulations almost as a shield for the rights of their own citizens and non-Muslim Ottoman citizens who cooperated with them. A different aspect of the issue emerged as the Ottoman citizens started to migrate to the countries where capitulations were granted. In this study, the approach of the United States of America, which was one of the countries granted capitulation, to the estate issue of an Ottoman citizen will be analyzed through the estate issue of Doctor Selim, who migrated to America while living in Lebanon and died there.


Capitulation, Estate Law, Estate, USA

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