Examining the Motivation Levels of Licensed E-Sports Participants

Author : Metin YILDIZ -Abdurrahman KIRTEPE, Kürşat Nuri BAYDİLLİ
Number of pages : 2823-2835


The aim of study was to compare some demographic variables of licensed e-sports participants and the factors that affecting the motivation of the participants. The universe of the research consists of 1686 athletes who are professionally interested in e-sports. The sample of the study was applied to 146 athletes who are professionally interested in e-sports with the “easy sampling method” with the help of Google Forum .The analysis of data was carried out by using the SPSS package program. Scale reliability was tested by Cronbach Alpha test and found α=0,897. Frequency and percentage values of categorical variables are presented. Independent sample T test was used to compare categorical variables with two categories and quantitative variables; with more than two categories Anova test was used to compare categorical and quantitative variables. Conclusion: While it was seen that male participants are more interested and participated in e-sports, at the same time men are care more about competition and success in e-sports than female participants. Participants who are younger are more excited when participating e-sports than those who are in the older age, also their participation in e-sports with computer and mobile devices does not affect their motivation in participating in these games, and that participants do not work in any job and it has been determined that it does not affect their sports motivation levels in any way.


Key Words: E-Sport , Motivation, Sport

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