The Role and Importance of Youth Centers in Post-Earthquake Disaster Services

Author : Metin YILDIZ -Abdurrahman KIRTEPE-
Number of pages : 3693-3709


Since Turkey is located in earthquake zone and is often exposed to frequent earthquake disasters and suffers great destructions, it makes the need for institutions related to disaster management and qualified human resources important before and after disaster. The aim of this study is to examine the post-disaster activities of youth centers, affiliated to the ministry of youth sports and to present their results and suggestions after the earthquake in Van on October 23, 2011 and the earthquake disaster in Elazığ on January 24,2020. Document scanning was applied in this study. As a result; it is seen that integrated, systematic and detailed disaster management plans are required for the post-disaster planning of youth centers and employees of youth center are required to receive psycho-social training at certain times of the year. While planning youth centers, it should also be considered for disaster service and when the youth centers are often exposed to disaster for a country like Turkey, believed to be used for the disaster of investments to be made, also it is likely that the training given to youth center employees will be efficient in many respects. The results are expected to provide a guiding contribution to those in our country’s management structure.


Youth , Youth Centers , Disaster , Earthquake

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