The Counseling and Guidance Service Needs Inventory: Validity and Reliability Study

Author : Cemal KARADAŞ
Number of pages : 2431-2457


The aim of the this research was to develop a scale that can be used in the identification of counseling and guidance needs of secondary school students. For this aim, the Counseling and Guidance Service Needs Inventory for Students middle school form (RSİAE-O) developed in Turkish culture was introduced. In the validity and reliability studies of the RSİAE-O, 1177 students were applied in the inventory, 586 female and 591 male. An exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) was applied to the validity of the RSİAE-O structure. The Cronbach Alpha internal consistency coefficients calculated to determine the reliability coefficients vary between .86 and .94. As a result of the test-retest analysis, the stability levels of the sub-dimensions were changed between .90 and .95. The factor loadings of the items in the inventory range from .57 to .76. The RSİAE-O is prepared in a seven-point Likert-type form (1 = never agree, 7 = fully agree). As a result of the exploratory factor analysis (EFA) performed for the RSİAE-O, three factors (educational, vocational and personal / social guidance) and 7 items in each factor were determined as a total of 21 items. The RSİAE middle school form described 58.627% of the total variance. In CFA; it can be seen that there is a significant difference between expected and observed covariance matrix for the three-factor model and that for other parameters, the goodness of fit values are within acceptable or perfect limits and that the three-factor structure of the measurement model is confirmed. In current research, the validity and reliability of RSİAE-O were investigated. Consequently, the psychometric properties of the RSİAE secondary school form were found to be sufficient for this sample group and findings were obtained that the inventory was a valid and reliable measurement tool.


Counseling and guidance, educational guidance, vocational guidance, personal/social guidance, needs analysis, inventory.

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