The Problems of Gas Tanks in Istanbul: Cubuklu and Standard Oil Company

Author : Songül ULUTAŞ
Number of pages : 3670-3692


Towards the end of 19th century, gas was an important energy source in the Ottoman geography, as in the whole world. Gas and other flammable products most of which were imported from abroad especially during the Balkan Wars and afterwards, and companies that provided these products occupied an important place on the country’s agenda. Large petroleum companies that imported gas and other flammable products, sought to build warehouses and pools especially in Istanbul to store and stack gas and other flammable products. Thus they would have own property in various parts of the country, especially in Istanbul. An American company the Standard Oil of New York requested a concession to bring oil to Istanbul and build warehouses and pools to protect the oil it brought, regarding the right to make warehouses to protect their own goods, which were given to the merchants by the 1906 Gas Tanks Regulation. However the Ottoman Empire was not in favor of giving the concession of flammable products such as gas and oil to foreign companies in this process with the influence of the national economic view. Another reason for the government’s rejection of this concession request was that the concession period for the gas tanks in Cubuklu, which the company especially wanted, was not over yet. Concessionaire Sami Bey, a member of the Shura-i Devlet, marked this process by a series of events that take place between the Istanbul Şehremaneti would take over the management of the warehouses at the end of the concession period, and Standard Oil Company. With the Balkan Wars that erupted in the same period, the shortage of energy resources, especially gas, brought to the agenda in many parts of the country and especially in Istanbul. This need increased day by day and gas import and warehouse construction by foreign companies became essential on the eve of the First World War. At this point, the American Company Standart Oil, which continued its activities in the country, engaged in many parts of the country, especially in Istanbul, to meet its gas needs. The aim of this study is to address the problem of gas tanks in Istanbul while revealing the relationship established by Standart Oil Company with the Ottoman Government in the light of the Ottoman Archive Documents, which is the primary source of the subject.


Standard Oil American Company, Ottoman, Oil, Gas Tank Problem, Istanbul-Cubuklu Gas Tanks.

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