Artisans of the Ottoman Empire in the Registration of the Ahl-i Hiraf-i Hassa Dated 1801

Author : Sakine AKCAN EKİCİ
Number of pages : 2187-2221


Ahl-i Hiraf-i Hassa Organization, which we can call the art academy of the Ottoman Empire, had created unique products that survived in many fields such as book arts, jewelery, wood, weaving and mining arts. In the Ottoman Archive of the Prime Ministry, there are many salary registrations of this organization, which is created within the state. In these registrations, usually written in the form of siyaqat, it is possible to find the branches of art within the organization, names of the artisans working here, and some information about them. The oldest one of these registrations, by which we can follow the development process of the organization, is dated H. 932 / M. 1526 and was published by İsmail Hakkı Uzunçarşılı. The last book we found as a result of archive researches constitutes the main subject of this study, and is dated H. 1216 / M. 1801. In this study, a general information about the Ahl-i Hiraf Organization was given and then the registration in question was transcribed and evaluated. In the registration kept at the beginning of the 19th century, there are 45 art branches producing for the palace in different fields and a total of 247 artisan names were determined.


Ahl-i Hiraf-i Hassa, Ahl-i Hiraf-i Hassa Registrations, Ottoman, Art, 19th Century.

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