Yavuz Sultan Selim's Struggle For The Throne

Author : Deniz KURTBOĞAN -İbrahim SOLAK
Number of pages : 3032-3061


One of the most important issues that confronted the Ottoman State with internal and external dangers was undoubtedly the throne struggles. In this context, the most known and remarkable of the throne struggles in Ottoman history was the struggle between Yavuz Sultan Selim and his brothers. Especially, Bayezid's aging towards the end of his reign and the fall of the patient during the throne struggles between his sons caused some problems in the state affairs. The princes who benefited from these troubles in state administration took action without permission from the center, that is, from their fathers. In this process, Selim became the biggest candidate of the throne with military struggle and strategic moves. The main purpose of the study is to deal with the throne struggle between Selim and his brothers in the light of new documents and to contribute to previous studies on the subject. Accordingly, documents and letters that were not evaluated before in the Archive of Topkapı Palace Museum were used. In addition to letters, kronik and secondary sources were also used in order to ensure the integrity of the subject.


Bayezid II, Sehzade Selim, Sehzade Ahmet, Sehzade Korkud, Ottoman.

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