The Crusades in Marash and Around (1097-1149)

Author : Mehmet Suat BAL -Seda Çalı, Sadık Piştav
Number of pages : 3062-3084


East-West struggle is one of the most important and characteristic phenomenon that the history of the world does not change, repeated at regular intervals. This struggle has been continuing for over a thousand years. The longest and the most comprehensive of these conflicts are Crusades period. With the beginning of the Crusades, Crusader armies entering Anatolia were divided into two branches and a branch went to Çukurova, the other branch went to Syria following the path Kayseri, Comana, Marash, Göksun. Crusader armies moving from Komana region moved towards Göksun via Yeşilkent town by entering Marash. Turks left Goksun that cited with name such as Cocson and Cosor in Crusaders sources. Crusaders that remained in Goksun for three days collected intelligence and were hosted by local Armenians. Marash was occupied by the Crusaders on October 15, 1097. Crusaders left the region to Byzantine under the name of Marash Seigneurships in accordance with the agreement made with Byzantine and Armenian Thatul was appointed as governor with title prince of princes. Crusaders recaptured the city because Thatul went to Istanbul in 1104. But Armenian Koghvasil who governor of Keysun invaded Marash in the same years and ruled Marash as a vassal of the Urfa Crusaders county. Subsequently, seniors who named Richard de Salerne, Gaudefroy, Baudouin, and Renaud managed to Marash. Marash Seigneurships that dominated the region for fifty-two years were destroyed since Seljuk Sultan I. Mesut conquered the Marash in 1149. In this paper, we will examine the activities of the Crusaders in Marash and around.


Crusader, Byzantine, Marash Seigneurships, Turkey Seljukians, The Crusader County of Urfa.

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