The 1907 Earthquake That Affected Around Siirt und Some Events

Author : Abdulnasır YİNER
Number of pages : 2988-3005


The majority of Anatolia is in the earthquake zone is well-known. Numerous earthquakes have occurred throughout history, leading to the loss of many lives and property. Severe earthquakes occurred in Bitlis Region, where Siirt is affiliated, in 1903 and after, and Siirt and its surroundings were also affected by these earthquakes. After these earthquakes, some of the villagers from the Zivzik villagers of Şirvan district of Siirt asked the “Constitutional Government” to eliminate their victimization, citing that they were not sufficiently taken care of due to the earthquake casualties and that they were not sufficiently concerned during the period of convictions. For this purpose, they applied to various institutions with a petition and made some requests. A series of correspondence has been made on these petitions. A few months after Sultan II. Abdulhamid was deposed from the throne, people from Zivzik Village of Şirvan District made several petition requests to institutions primarily to Sadaret and Internal Affairs Ministry. Accordingly, the article the 1907 Earthquake that Affected the Area around Siirt and Some Events in the Region is a qualitative study; in this study, the data were obtained by using the document analysis technique.


Zivzik Village, Şirvan, Siirt, Earthquake, Bitlis

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