Visual Use in Teaching History

Author : Erdal ASLAN
Number of pages : 3006-3031


The use of visual images is extremely important in historiography and history teaching. Visuals are emphasized and use of visual resources is recommended in the teaching of history subjects in the curriculum prepared in recent years. This study was carried out to create a theoretical framework on the use of visual images in history teaching which was oldest communication tool and historical information source of human beings. The aim of this study is to introduce visuals in terms of theoretical and practical dimension in history teaching. In the research especially the contribution of visual images which has influenced all areas of social life and is used extensively in all fields of social sciences since the beginning of the 20th century, to history teaching and historiography was discussed, effects of visual images on human life and what are the main types of visual images that can be used for teaching history are determined. Then, the opportunities that can be provided by using visuals in history lessons difficulties encountered during their use, and what to do and how to use it to overcome them were discussed. Finally, a sample "Visual Analysis Guide" has been presented for the use of images with historical images in history teaching.


History Teaching History, Visual Images, Historiography, Visual Learning, Visual Literacy

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