Housing Policies in Different Welfare State Models

Author : Eylem BEYAZIT -Umut Seren YARIM
Number of pages : 3604-3623


Housing is a basic need recognized as a human right in many national constitutions and international declarations, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. Access to good quality affordable housing is essential to achieve broad social policy objectives, including the fight against poverty and the strengthening of equal opportunities, fair sharing and social inclusion as well as living in well-being and health. The housing, which still exists as a problem area in terms of right to life and property right, is a working area that must be closely monitored with different country and different regime experiences. The guidance of different experiences in terms of approach to the problem and solution reveals the impossibility of being able to reach a conclusion through a single solution. This study discusses current typologies and approaches in the context of comparative housing policies through experience and classifications in welfare state and policies. Undoubtedly, it is understood that the role of the State is increasing day by day to solve the problem of individuals in access to housing.


Housing, Housing Policy, Social Housing, Comparative Housing Policies, Welfare State.

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