Surrealist Approaches in Mehmet Siyah Kalem's Miniatures and Comparison of Surrealist Attitudes with Some Western Modern Painting Artists

Author : Abdurrahman EREN - Fahrettin GEÇEN
Number of pages : 1152-1172


In the period of Huns in Turkish painting, the enthusiasm in the paintings containing animal struggles and Uygur murals in the colors and lines of the so-called animal Styles shows that there is always a surreal aspect. Mehmet Siyah Kalem can be thought of using the visual aspect of the game, perhaps hijin, or perhaps teaching by exaggerating the plastic values coming from the depths of the Türk art with his own interpretation.Animal and human mixture, face masks reminiscent of creatures dancing, drinking, wrestling, horse and human abduction, as well as scenes of sacrifice to God, rituals, religious scenes have been examples. The Mehmet Siyah Kalem, which was liked by Picasso and influenced by Goya, aroused curiosity in the West. In fact, a reason why the Black Pencil is so curious is that it does not belong to any style and with different interpretations it brings the miniatures closer to the art of painting ( In the figures of Mehmet Siyah Kalem, trans-state can be considered as a reflection of shaman belief. In fact, the social values, attitudes and beliefs that lead the artist to surreal interpretations are the reflections of the whole in a different way on itself. It is true to say that Mehmet black pen was very successful in the real - dream dilemma and created it by believing in the power of his art. He tried to reflect the drought and difficulties of the steppe to the audience through the color choices he used. There is a very strong connection between the stasis of the ground and surrealism. The works depicted with enthusiasm remind us of Salvador Dali's surrealistic approach. In Dali, think about his works, forcing the boundaries of the dream, and gave the viewer some creepy works. From time to time, Mehmet Siyah Kalem 's works also observe the excitement and chilling of the audience.Qualitative research method was used in the research and literature survey was conducted to access the data. The works of Mehmet Siyah Kalem obtained in the research were studied through descriptive analysis and the art history information has been exhausted and transformed into data. In this study, the works belonging to surrealism, apart from the works used as samples, were observed and the same and different aspects were determined. When the findings obtained through the data are analyzed, it can be said that Mehmet Siyah Kalem 's works have surrealist aspects. By interpreting the artist's true-to-life connection with plastic values with his own original style, he has achieved impressive results to surprise the audience. It is also observed that the influence of faith in Eastern art has been stronger and that Turkish art has been worked intensively in the Mehmet Siyah Kalem, as in every era.


Mehmet Black Pen, Surrealism, Painting, Miniature


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