Evaluation of the Book of Ulviyet-i Efkâr ve Kemâlât-ı İnsâniye

Author : Hüseyin ÖZÇAKMAK
Number of pages : 1029-1049


In this study, 1st edition of Ulviyet-i Efkâr ve Kemâlât-ı İnsâniye published in 1302 (1886/1887) was studied from various aspects, after being transcribed into the current alphabet. Ulviyet-i Efkâr ve Kemâlât-ı İnsâniye was 4th volume of Ta’lîm-i Kıraat. The study was conducted by document analysis of the qualitative research techniques. The book consisted of 206 pages and 73 texts, 28 of which were narrative, 21 were informative and 19 were poems. It is also determined that the book included 5 texts containing more than one text type. It was determined that 7 texts were shortened; in the texts the subjects of patriotism (f=5), justice (f=5), heroism (f=3), friendship (f=3) and conscience (f=2) were mostly handled. It was found out that the implementations of the classification of “scientific lesson, moral lesson, scientific and moral lesson”, explanation of the meaning of unknown words, giving the dictionary and giving certain signs to read the letters easily had been removed from the forth volume. In the fourth volume, it was found that the implementation of giving the contents was continued, the references to other parts of Ta’lîm-i Kırâat were reduced; more aphorisms of poets and writers were given.


Ta’lîm-i Kıraat, Forth Part, Reading Books, Turkish Language Teaching, Reading Instruction.


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