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Physical Activity of Recreation Areas Organized by Municipalities A Research on Eligibility (Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality Sample)

The aim of this study is to determine in what purposes the people use the recreation facilities and physical activity places that are built by Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality. The study included individuals residing in Kahramanmaraş Initially former studies on the study are reviewed and information related to the topic are provided. The physical activity site assessment scale, which was developed to evaluate the recreational areas of the people, was used in the study. SPSS 22 IBM statistical package program is used in evaluation and calculation of the obtained data. The data is summarized in terms of means and standard deviations. As a result of the analysis; it is seen that there is a significant difference between the physical activity site selection and the factors that prevent participation in physical activity by the gender and marital status variables. In sub-factors affecting the prevention on participating the activities, age, occupation and the time spent on the activities are found to be significantly different. On the other hand, no significant difference is observed in the adequacy of the recreation facilities of municipalities, income of the participants, with whom they enroll in activities, the adequacy of free time for activities, reasons for tendency to recreation activities and their effects on the participants. Consequently, municipalities should settle recreation infrastructure according to the expectations of the individuals and they should also do the required studies to do so.


Municipality, Physical Activity, Recreation

Author : Nevzat DİNÇER - Harun KARASAKIZ
Number of pages: 1629-1650
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