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Opınıons of Pre-Servıce Socıal Studıes Teachers Regardıng Learnıng Envıronments in Theır Facultıes

This research aims to reveal the opinions of pre-service social studies teachers regarding the learning environments in their faculties. For this purpose, a total of 95 pre-service teachers from the 3rd and 4th grades of social studies teaching in a public university education faculty participated in the study in the academic year of 2018-2019. In this study, which was prepared with qualitative research method, the interview questions were analyzed with content analysis, while the images of the pre-service teachers in which they drew their dream classrooms were analyzed with the academic method of drawing. When the results of the research were examined in general, it was determined that the pre-service teachers were not content with their current classrooms in terms of the physical structure of the classroom, materials, teaching methods applied and that they considered these classroom settings insufficient; in this sense, it is possible to conclude that their dream classroom is rather a student-centered educational setting which is contrary to their current classrooms.


Social studies, pre-service teacher, learning environment, social studies laboratory

Author : Nadire Emel AKHAN - Burcu KAYMAK
Number of pages: 1503-1534
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Journal of History School
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