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Neglected Position of Islamic Economics: Methodological Problems and Solution Proposals

When the studies about Islamic economics are evaluated in general, it is seen that there is an effort to integrate the Islamic economics into the existing economic systems instead of revealing that it has an independent structure from the existing economic systems. This situation arises from not being able to survive from an ideological point of view and to not be able to correctly assess the changing conditions of historical events according to time and place. It is possible to determine the common points between Islamic economics and other systems as well as the differences. Linking it to Liberalism or Socialism by establishing a link to its common aspects can lead to the neglect of differences. Such an assessment represents an attempt to integrate the original position of the Islamic economics with its potential for negation. In addition, the Islamic economy to put forward similar views and other tools that use the tools of the inevitable reality is at some point. As long as these opinions and instruments do not conflict with the basic norms of Islam, there is no harm in taking part in the Islamic economic system. In this context, where the Islamic economy will be positioned in the efficiency-justice-morality conflict, how it should be a vision and mission, and how economic order should be established.


Islamic Economics, Efficiency, Justice, Liberalism, Socialism

Author : Haşim AKÇA - Oğuzhan BOZATLI
Number of pages: 1188-1218
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