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In The Fırst Period of the Democrate Party an Example of Left Perceptıon; Condemnatıon Meetıngs for Communısm (1950-1954)

The Democrat Party, a party that came into power in Turkey in 1950 by election, that has a conservative world view, has founded its policies on opposing bureaucracy and has been shaped around the principles of liberal capitalism and liberal democracy, has impacted and suppressed the “left” perception in the country with its relations with America and Russia and its ideological position on the regimes in these countries. America’s spreading the idea of fighting communism guided the policies that the Democrat Party had established on Communism/opposing left. In this context the party has used the legal resources at its disposal and the press-broadcasting to guide perception in the development and/or interruption of the “left”. When the political developments, parliament speeches, national policies and positions on workers and unions in 1950-54 during the first term of DP’s rule are observed, it is clear that Turkey was one of the leading countries to combat communism. One of the most striking forms of protesting of the period is the “communism tel’in (condemnation)” meetings. Tel’in is defined as condemning. “Communism condemnation” meetings were held including participants from many different walks of life including politicians, student unions, workers, syndicates, religious affairs and universities; and were reflected in the press.


Communism- Leftist- Menderes- Labor History

Author : Mehmet Emin ELMACI - İlknur SARI
Number of pages: 664-714
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