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Analysis of the Effects of Physical Education and Sport Courses on the Development of Sportsmanship Attitude of Secondary School Students (Kahramanmaraş City Case)

The aim of this study is to examine the effects of Physical Education and Sports course on the students’ behaviors concerning fairplay and to determine whether this situation is related to demographic and structural characteristics of the school. For this purpose, the sample of the study consists of 336 students studying in 3 different secondary schools which were randomly selected from the central districts of Kahramanmaras. The study is a quantitative study and is designed according to the relational screening model. “Personal Information Form” developed by researchers and “Physical Education and Sports Course Sportsmanship Behavior Scale” developed by Koç (2013) have been used in order to collect the research data. Arithmetic average and standard deviation values have been determined for the analysis of the data. In order to determine differentiation status of the points taken according to the demographic variables and structural characteristics of the school, T-Test and one-way analysis of variance test have been made use of. LSD tests have also been wielded in determining the groups with significant difference of value f and correlation analysis have been useful in confirming the relations between variables. As a result, it was concluded that students had sportsmanlike behaviors at the level of “very frequent” and there was no statistically significant relationship between sportsmanlike behavior and gender, attendance to school team, service area of the school, father's educational status, sibling, teacher or number of students. On the other hand, it was found out that there was a statistically significant relationship between sportsmanlike behavior and class, mother’s educational status and the number of books read.


Sportsmanship, PhysicalEducation, Sports, School Team

Author : Yahya DOĞAR - Mehmet YAĞMUR
Number of pages: 1651-1665
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Journal of History School
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