An Analysis of the Discrimination Made by Preservice Social Studies Teachers between Science and Pseudoscience

Author : Fitnat Gürgil
Number of pages : 965-984


This study aims to explore the extent preservice social studies teachers make a distinction about science and pseudo-science. The cross-sectional survey, as a descriptive survey, was used as the data collection tool. The study was conducted in the spring semester of the 2017-2018 academic year with preservice teachers studying in the social studies education department of a public university in the Central Anatolia Region of Turkey. 323 preservice e teachers participated in this study which aimed to determine the perceptions of the social studies teacher candidates of the distinction between science and pseudoscience, by various variables. The study utilized the survey scale originally developed by Oothoudt (2008) and adapted to Turkish by Çetinkaya-Kirman, Şimşek-Laçin and Çalışkan (2013). The analysis of the data revealed that the preservice social studies teachers were confused about many of the questions regarding the subject, source and method of scientific knowledge. It was also determined that the level of knowledge of male teacher candidates regarding pseudo-science was higher than that of the female teacher candidates. Further, it was determined that the social studies teacher candidates did not agree with the view that scientific research was carried out only by experiment and observation. Some suggestions were made in the light of the findings.


science, pseudo-science, social studies, preservice teachers, survey model.


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