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A manuscript from the 15th Century: Seyfü’l-Mülûk and Bedi‘ü’l- Cemâl

From the downfall of the Seljuk Empire to the forming of the Ottoman Empire, XIII-XV centuries was the time Oguz Language was recognized as a written language, translated and referenced in foreign literature. In this period, many sufi, religious and moral works were translated, as well as new poetry and prose works. Seyfü’l-Mülûk and Bediü’l-Cemâl story was one of those mathnawis, although it was not recorded among other works. The Seyfü’l-Mülûk and Bedi‘ü’l- Cemâl story is a masnavi located under the label Manuscript 596 in Turkish Language Association (TDK) Library. It was originally written in 1439 (843 Islamic calendar), but its first copy was made in 1470 (854 Islamic calendar). The manuscript, considering it was written and copied in the 15th century, is a unique piece. This article is an introductory on this manuscript, which is one of the stories from The One Thousand and One Nights.


15th century, Old Anatolian Turkish, The One Thousand and One Nights Stories, Seyfü’l-Mülûk and Bediü’l-Cemâl

Author : Tülay ÇULHA
Number of pages: 1943-1955
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