Sorrowful Story of Mora Muslims: A General Outlook on the Revolt, Forced Migration And Settlement (1821-1832)

Author : Metin MENEKŞE
Number of pages : 784-832


In the 18th century, which took place consecutively, The Industrial Revolution, the French Revolution and the ideas of independence and nationalism that have sprung up in the environment created by them brought about the processes of rebellion and separation from the Ottoman Empire, which had a multinational structure. As a matter of fact, with the effect of these ideas, the Greeks were also the ones nation who attempted to leave the Ottoman Empire. The Greeks, who had a very privileged position in the Ottoman nation system compared to other ethnic groups, and managed fairly, initiated a rebellion in 1821 in Eflak-Boğdan and Mora. This rebellion, after a while, transformed into a struggle for independence for Europe and was also supported by the European public opinion. The Greek uprising of 1821, at the same time, initiated a excruciating and painful process for the Muslims who make Mora the homeland and make it flourishing. Hunger and misery reaching unbearable dimensions among the Muslims who were kept under siege at castles during the rebellion became an ordinary part of daily life. Many of those who could not bear heavy conditions and surrendered were slaughtered ruthlessly. As a result of these massacres, there was a significant decrease in the Muslim population living on the Mora peninsula. The survivors of the massacre had to leave their places and dormitories. Many Mora Muslims migrated to the islands, to the coasts of Western Anatolia. The emigrants were welcomed within the framework of the principles of " hukuk-ı müsaferet and uhuvvet-i İslamiyet" in their new territory. With the help of the tenbihnameler sent to local administrators, the emigrants were attempted to be settled and the food and clothing needs of the immigrants were met and settled. With this study, the 1821 Mora Revolt, the Greek atrocities during the rebellion, the forced immigration of the Mora Muslims and their situation in the new settlement areas were revealed. In doing so, it was tried to evaluate the current literature related to the subject and to clarify the issue with new sources.


1821 Mora Rebellion, Greek Persecution, Mora Muslims, Forced Migration, Settlement


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