Mani’s İn The Folklore Of Gazipaşa

Number of pages : 1978-1995


Mani, as one of the most common poem styles in Turkish Folk Poetry, attracts people from every walk of life with its melodious chanting style as well as the profound meaning attributed; though it can be chanted only by people with certain talents. Although this tradition, which is sometimes referred as ‘singing mani’ or other times as ‘chanting mani’, has been practiced in different ways and styles all through Anatolia, it has unfortunately been affected by social changes and faces extinction along with its chanters. Manis have been part of the Turkish oral cultural practices in traditional occasions such as wedding ceremonies, henna nights, religious festivals, Hıdırellez (old Turkish celebrations for the coming of spring), Ramadan evenings or circumcision ceremonies. Being short and thus easy to remember, Manis has always held a special role within Turkish oral narrative culture. In this study, it is first aimed to present general background information on Mani poem and the tradition of chanting mani; and secondly to explore the impacts of regional features on Mani poem by compiling and categorizing 98 mani samples from Gazipaşa town in Antalya region.


Mani, Mani Chanting Tradition, Gazipaşa Manis, Turkish Folk Poetry.


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