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Evaluation of Listening Activities of Yedi Iklim Turkish Set of Yunus Emre Institute (Basic Level: A1) on The Framework Program Scadule

Language divided into four basic skill areas: listening, speaking, reading and writing; it is taught primarily in the family and then through teachers at school. While each of these skill areas should be given a special attention when teaching language, listening skills have been overshadowed by other skills In this study, listening activities in the Yunus Emre Institute Turkish Teaching kit basic level textbook, which is taught as a textbook in many Turkish Teaching Centre’s (TOMER), are the basic level listening in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) conformity to the criteria set for their skills, the location of listening activities within the activities in the textbook and the suitability of listening activities to the listening process are examined. For these purposes, document analysis method was used and Yunus Emre Institute Turkish Teaching kit basic level textbook was examined in accordance with the specified criteria. As a result of the investigations, listening activities consist of simple, understandable and dialogues that can be used in everyday life. The findings show that there are no pre-listening activities, and also the listening order and post-listening activities are the same type.


Teaching Turkish to Foreigners, Listening Activities, Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, Research.

Author : Mesut GÜN - Gizem ALPTEKİN
Number of pages: 1836-1851
Full text:
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