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Supplements of Derelı, Eynesıl and Gorele Dıstrıcts Dıalect to The Dıctıonary of Word Collectıon (Derleme Sozlugu)

The share of compilation studies is very great in determining the word structure and language features of Turkey Turkish dialects. Thanks to the compilation studies, many local treasury which was about to be destroyed revealed. Under the leadership of the Turkish Language Research Society which was founded in 1932, Collected Words from Colloquial Language in Turkey “Türkiye’de Halk Ağzından Söz Derleme Dergisi” was revealed. Under this journal, more than 150 thousand words were compiled and published between the years 1939-1949. Subsequently, the Turkish Language Association continued its compilation and in the year 1952, 450 thousand words were compiled. Combining old and new materials, Institution prepared "Compile Dictionary" between the years 1963-1979. This dictionary is one of the most basic works in Turkey Turkish dialects. Especially, assuming that dialects having low resistance against to time and space, as a result of the continuing increase in the studies related to dialects “Compiling Dictionaries” will prosper. In this study, Chepni Turkish (one of the 24 Oguz Turks tribes) dominated the province of Dereli, Eynesil and Görele and words in the local village will be examined. As a result of word collection made from Chepnis, word collections which do not existed in the dictionary, or if there is a word and not mentioned as belonging to the city of Dereli, Eynesil and Görele or the words with different meanings despite being included in the compilation dictionary will be explored. These words will be discussed separately under their respective headings and it will be given with their meaning. The main purpose of the study is to make a small contribution from the districts of the city of Giresun Dereli, Eynesil and Görele Dialects to the Compilation dictionary prepared by The Turkish Language Institute.


Dereli Dialects, Eynesil Dialects, Görele Dialects, Compilation Dictionary, Turkey Turkish Dialects, Chepnis, Dialects

Author : Serdar BULUT
Number of pages: 1919-1942
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