The Use of Virtual Reality Technology in History Teaching: The Case of Çatalhöyük

Author : Derya Çığır DİKYOL - Evren ŞAR İŞBİLEN
Number of pages : 677-712


This study is an action research related to the use of VR technology, which is mentioned as a revolution in education in the age of technology, in history teaching and teacher training. The participants of the study are preservice teachers receiving education in the 1st year and taking the courses of “Civilization History” and “Archaeology”. When the history education is tried to be taught with traditional methods to the youth of today who were born to an extremely fast and rapidly changing world along with the changing era and developing technology, the history is perceived as boring overall events lived in the past, and drawing the attention of students to the lesson gets difficult. It is important to use the activities supporting the lesson in order to eliminate this problem. In this article, which was designed as action research from data gathering tools of qualitative research, it was aimed to reveal the effects of using the application of virtual reality in the history teaching and to contribute to the vocational development of preservice teachers by raising their awareness towards history and archaeology sciences. For this reason, Çatalhöyük simulation, organized within the scope of the exhibition of “An Excavation Story: Çatalhöyük” by ANAMED, was used. Fully structured interview forms were benefited in the investigation. Obtained data were assessed with inductive analysis and evaluated by comparing it with the literature and the applications conducted on the mentioned technology. Consequently, it was presented that the use of VR application in the history lessons changed the opinions positively related to the course of history and contributed much to history teaching, and it will be beneficial for participants to use such technological applications when they become teacher.


Virtual reality, virtual historical place, history education, educational technology, use of VR technology, teacher training


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