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A Comperative Study on History of Law: Comperation of Property Approches Between Roman and Ottoman

The Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire have an important place in the history of the World. Although the possibilities and the conditions of the history are different, as well as the era and the geography of both empires, there are actually many common points between them. As the matter of the fact, the changes and the transformations of the institutions that are similiar in the structure show similarities. These two long-lived empires have undergone some changes and transformations in their political, militiary, religious, economic and legal structures depanding on the changing world conditions. In this respect, the characteristics of both Roman and Ottoman law in the process of change, development and transformations are similiar. However, when examined carefully, surely, it will be seen that there are differences due to era, geography and belief difference. In our study, in the context of property law, the similarities and the differences of the Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire will be examined in terms of geography, era, religion and needs, using the method of comperative history. For this purpose, the sources on Roman property law and the sources and the archive documents on Ottoman property law have been used. After the similarities and the differences of property law and approaches of both political administration are found out and the changes and the transformations are handled, it will be made an evaluation about them.


Property, Roman Law, Ottoman Law, Propety Law, Comperative Law, Foreign Law

Author : Muhammed CEYHAN
Number of pages: 176-195
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