Kinship Names in Yenisey Inscription

Author : Abdullah YILDIRIM
Number of pages : 1763-1783


While in many languages a word is used to shows lots of kinship relations, in Turkish for a kinship relation name there are many different words. From this point of view, undoubtedly, the Turkish language has a special place in terms of the word that shows kinship relations. In this study, the kinship names mentioned in the Yenisei inscriptions were determined. After showing the texts including kinship names some examples related with this words are given. In addition, in the study, the evaluations of the nouns who gave the origin information view about the words and the historical forms of the words are shown. As a result of the relevant examinations, a total of 32 kinship names were identified in the Yenisei inscriptions, and it was observed that there were many synonym words among the detected samples. In our study, Erhan Aydın’s Yenisei Inscriptions, which is the most comprehensive study on Yenisey inscriptions, was taken as the main source.


Yenisei Inscriptions, Old Turkish Inscriptions, Vocabulary, Kinship Names, Lexicology


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